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My names Siobhan and I live in Norwich with Bruce and Albert the cats and Simon the human


It all started in 2013, I stumbled upon some cute little hangers in a vintage shop, out of which I fashioned thirty little peg bags. Fed up of them hanging off every available surface in our flat, I decided to sell them to friends and family. They were Handmade at Home, and from thereon HAH became the name of the business.


Inspired by my friends’ children, HAH has developed far beyond peg bags into children’s clothing, pins, bags and everything in between. Many of the products we sell are still made by hand in my home studio, others we have a little help with.

I collaborate with other small independent business in Norfolk to create and finish our products.


We create fun, bold and positive products that spark conversation.



We sell on etsy as well as lots of local and not-so-local craft fairs, markets and festivals.


We also sell in a limited number of retail outlets.


Keep up to date with everything we're up to on our instagram, facebook and on twitter.






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