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Hi, I'm Siobhan the face behind HAH. Here on our blog I share behind the scenes photos and work in progress, my favourite pieces from other brands and one or two DIY projects for you to try at home.

By hahonline, Apr 26 2017 08:57PM

Hannah being "Oh so Cambridge" with her Cambridge Satchel co bag, bike and background of Wisteria

On Sunday I joined around 70 other creatives from across the country for a photowalk around Cambridge organised by the wonderful Jo (Hello Sunshine) and Claire (Claireabellemakes).

It's safe to say that the day was a huge success on all fronts. Claire and Jo did a great job of planning the route and keeping everyone together, Mother Nature was a complete babe and kept the sun shining down on us all day and Aromi had Tirimisu ice-cream!

Jo and Claire leading us off at the start of the photowalk

Just a small selection of those who took to the streets of Cambridge on Sunday

I'm going to keep the written part of this pretty short and sweet becuase I think the photos show what a great day we had. I didn't take as many photos as I thought I would because I was so busy chatting to everyone. It was fantastic to finally meet loads of creatives that I've been following on instagram for yonks as well as get to meet some new faces too.

Wisteria was a common theme throughout the day and when we approached a house covered in lashings of purple plumes the whole group of 70 swarmed around it causing total "wisteria hysteria"

Check out the many Boomerangs on Instagram to see the madness for yourself.

Even Claire's bike Florence dressed up for the occassion!

When walking around Cambridge you will almost certainly spot a Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel - they are as common place as the bikes and punts!

The Cambridge Satchel Company loaned us some of thier bags for the day and I spent part of it with this beautful neon blue and clay cloud bag. It was pretty hard to part with at the end of the day.

Jo in her patch dress modelling another of the neon offerings from the Cambridge Satchel Company.

After the Photowalk we all had a picnic next to the river in Jesus Green and got our swap on. I swaped some of my Wonderful Pins for a whole host of cool things from other makers, here are just a couple of them.

Snap Happy Patch by Hello DODO and Floral Pin by DaphneRosa

There is such a lovley community of creatives and designer-makers in Cambridge (and beyond) and everytime I visit I feel a little more at home. I'm so lucky to have meet such a friendly group of people who bring me out of my shell. These guys are ace. Thanks again to Claire and Jo for arranging such an amazing event and I'm really glad I went.

Check out #CambridgeCreativesPhotowalk on instagram for loads more photographs of the day.

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