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Hi, I'm Siobhan the face behind HAH. Here on our blog I share behind the scenes photos and work in progress, my favourite pieces from other brands and one or two DIY projects for you to try at home.

By hahonline, Feb 17 2017 12:39PM

Easter is one of my favourite holidays, I love the pastel colours and fresh flowers and it really gets me excited about the spring.

When I saw these ceramic eggs at Hobbycraft I really couldnt get the idea of marbling them out of my head. Marble effect is so on trend and they couldn't be easier to make. If like me you have a ton of nail polish that mainly lives in a box under the bed, then this will be also be a really fun way to to get rid of those colours you no longer use. "Waste not, want not" as my Nannie often says!

You will need:

- Ceramic eggs

- A selection of nail polishes

- Plastic tub (empty hummus pot does the trick)

- Water

- String/twine

- Nail polish remover

Each pack of ceramic eggs comes with 4 eggs and a set of paint and a brush - don't throw these away, they'll come in useful for another project in the future.

To start, make sure you cover the surface that you have chosen to create these on, you don't want to get nail polish all over your furniture. Tip: keep a bottle of nail polish remover on hand just incase!

Firstly, grab your container and fill with water. I used an empty hummus tub, you'll need to use something disposable as the nail polish can stain. You need just enough water in there so that the egg can not touch the bottom.

Take your chosen nail polish and drop a few drips into your water. The more drips the more intense the colour but add too many drips and you wont get a great marble effect. You need to work quite quickly as a film will start to form over your mixture which makes marbling more difficult.

Take one of your eggs and attatch some string/twine to the loop at the top and dip your egg in the mixture.

Roll your egg in the mixture until the whole thing is covered. (Don't worry if you miss a patch, you can always re-dip your eggs once they have dried)

Dab the excess water off with kitchen roll, being careful not to smudge the design and hang your egg up to dry. They only take around 5-10 minutes. Emtpy your water out and start the process again with your next colour.

There you go, a very simple and effective way to decorate a set of eggs to adorn your home this Spring. These would look great as part of a centre piece for Easter Sunday lunch or to hang in the garden as part of an Egg hunt.

By hahonline, Feb 4 2017 02:42PM

This is a really cheap and easy way to create a cute Valentine's posy that would look super sweet on a tray with your Valentine's breakkie.

In total this make cost me £2.50. I only needed clay (Hobbycraft only £2.50) as all the rest I found laying around my studio - except the twigs, I pinched them from the local park on my way home from work!

You will need:

- Air dry clay

- Scissors

- Acrylic paint and paintbrush

- Twigs

- Glue

- Bottle

- Twine (optional)

To start, roll your clay into "pea-sized" balls, then flatten those balls out and create a point at one end.

Using your scissors, snip a small slit in the opposite end to the point. This will help form the top of your heart.

Fold either side of the slit into the centre and press flat (you might need to fiddle about a bit to get your desired shape) repeat over and over until you have a nice little pile of hearts. Leave for 12-24 hours until the clay has hardened.

Once your clay is dry, your hearts are ready to paint - you'll probably want to give them a couple of coats. I chose to paint mine candy pink. Once painted leave your hearts to dry.

When dry you need to start attaching your hearts to your twigs. These twigs were collected on my walk home from work. I used a glue gun to attach my hearts (although next time I think I would use a stronger super glue). Alternate your hearts as you glue and repeat until all your twigs are covered.

Tip: Don't start to glue your hearts too low as they will stop the twigs from fitting in the bottle.

Once you've glued all of your hearts onto your twigs you will want to arrange them in your bottle. I've used a mini milk bottle from Clas Ohlson but you could use a empty wine bottle or similar (it all depends on the size of your twigs)

For an extra bit of detail and to hide the screw top I wrapped twine around the neck of the bottle, this is totally optional. You could perhaps wrap some pom pom trim or ribbon around your bottle instead.

And there you have it, a super cute take on a bunch of pussy willow.

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