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Hi, I'm Siobhan the face behind HAH. Here on our blog I share behind the scenes photos and work in progress, my favourite pieces from other brands and one or two DIY projects for you to try at home.

By hahonline, Aug 27 2020 04:58PM

Back to School!

And like that, September is almost upon us and children parents are busy packing up book bags, polishing brand new shoes and checking that those school trousers bought new last week still fit!

Returning to school this year is going to feel a little different. Social distancing is a phrase we've had to get used to. Hand-washing regularly has become second nature and hand sanitiser and masks are being packed alongside lunch boxes and exercise books.

Once thing hasn't changed, the excitement of choosing brand new accessories and stationary for the start of term. As a child I used to get so excited at the prospect of stationery shopping and not much has changed if I'm honest!

I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds from small businesses that make excellent back to school purchases.

Make Lunchtime extra cute with Petit MushyP |

Much more eco concious than your average plastic box and available in a range of colours and designs these lunch bags can be carried just like your trational lunchbox by knotting the ears to create a grab handle. Alternitivly you can sling it over a shoulder using the full length of the ears as a strap, fastened with a button.

A hug from Clara and Macy |

For little ones starting school for the first time or those nervous about going back after the extended break, these pins give them that added bit of reassurence. They can be attached to uniforms and book bags or tucked away inside coats and blazers and peaked at when the days starts to feel a little tough.

Pack a little positivity with hahonline |

Returning or starting school this September is bound to feel a little different. Our resilient little guys might be feeling a little nervous so why not pop a little positivity in their pencil case as a little reminder that no matter how strange things are, they continue to be their wonderful fantastic selves.

Bags of style from Jane Foster |

P.E bags don't always have to be emblazoned with a sports logo, these rainbow bags by Jane Foster would make the most perfect bag to cart thier kit to school (they've just got to remeber it, that's all!)

Keep them warm and toasty with Little Hotdog Watson |

Expertly designed these hats are not only bold and stylish they are super practicle too! The faux fur trim ensures little heads are kept nice and warm and the outer cotton layer is rain resistant. Even more, the reflective detailing guarantees that they will be seen and not just heard as the days get shorter and the nights draw in.

It's okay to make mistakes by Bread & Jam |

This awsome little pouches by Bread & Jam are filled with pencil topped rubbers and they serve as reminder that not everything turns out right first time around and thats okay!

As with everything hah, I selected the most positive, bold, fun and practical pieces that I think would make ace additions to any back to school ensamble. Have you been shopping small for school supplies, I'd love to see what you've been buying. Comment below.

By hahonline, Apr 17 2019 10:31AM

Doing our bit for the planet has always been really important to me.

All your orders come wrapped in paper bags, recycled tissue or shredded paper and are slipped securely into paper mailers or recycled boxes. I collect surplus boxes from various retailers and save them from being disposed of and seal them using paper tape from Non Plastic Beach this means all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be popped into your recycling bin.

All of our tags and paper goods are printed on recycled card stock by Eco Colour Print a reponsible printing company. ECP are also local which means our printed goods don’t have to travel far to get to us keeping our carbon footprint low.

Our garments are also printed locally, cutting down on transportation of goods, plus we are able to support another local independent business (supporting our local high street not just the envirmoent). Our printer uses every last scrap of vinyl - nothing goes to waste.

Our t-shirts are manufactured with the environment in mind and are Oeko-Tex 100 certified to ensure that there are no nasty chemicals used in their creation. Good for the earth and kind to even the most sensitive of skin.

I could go on.... but rest assured that every single product we make or have made has had a lot of thought go into it, from the fun bits like the designing and styling to the stickers that seal our parcels I do everything I can to make as little negative impact on the planet as I can.

We'll be sharing more about our ethos soon including lots of information about why we love creating products from recycled materials and why we make products that can be used over and over and over...

By hahonline, Apr 17 2019 10:07AM

We have been featured alongside our friends HelloDODO on the Etsy blog in a post about gender-neutral fashion - something we are incredibly passionate about.

You can read the kind things they had to say about us, plus check out the other fantastic shops included by visiting the blog here 5 Inclusive Shops for Gender-Neutral Fashion

By hahonline, Aug 4 2018 01:57PM

Slime is the latest craze, the new POG's if you like (showing my age a little there).

Kids of all ages are going crazy for this sticky, sensory delight

It really is super easy to make with just few simple ingredients. You can follow our step by step instructions below or check out our Instagram archive for the video version.

We’ve chosen to make a transparent glittery slime but it’s totally customisable. You can add different colour paint, glitter and even beads - the possibilities’ really are endless.

You can by Elmer's Magical Liquid from Hobbycraft or Amazon. We used Brian Clegg clear glue, Contact lens soluation from Morrisons and these glitter sachets (as you only need a small amount per slime portion).

3.Once you've added all your ingredients you will need to mix your solution thoroughly.

Top tip: If you find your solution is still too runny, add a little more glue.

Now you are ready to add your desired colouring and effects. I'm using pink glitter and tiny pink heart sequins.

5. You'll need to give your solution another good mix.

...and there you go. It really is that easy and this will keep the kids amused for hours (well, a few minutes at least).

Disclaimer: Some of the products used in this DIY blog can cause skin sensitivity or reaction (Elmer's Magical Liquid and PVA Glue). This DIY is not suitable for those under 4 years and we advise parental supervision throughout the making process. Slime and its ingredients are not suitable for comsumption and can cause a choking hazard.

Although water based, slime can cause damage to carpets, clothing and upholstry.

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